Justin Bieber threatens legal action over ‘Joustin’ Beaver’ game

Pint-sized popstar not happy about game that allegedly uses his likeness

Justin Bieber has threatened to sue the makers of the ‘Joustin’ Beaver’ mobile phone game.

The pint-sized popstar’s lawyers have sent a cease-and-desist letter to RC3, the company behind the game, which they allege parodies the teenage star without his permission and allows users to control Joustin’ Beaver as he floats down a river and fends off ‘phot-hogs’.

TMZ claim that Bieber and his representatives want the game removed from iTunes as well as an account of all the revenue RC3 have made from it, but the mobile app company have insisted they will continue to sell it because it’s a parody and protected by the US First Amendment to the Constitution.


Earlier this month (February 2), Bieber confirmed he was working with rapper Lil Wayne on new material. The track is likely to end up on Bieber’s next studio album, which he is currently recording, with Timbaland among the producers who are known to contributed to the album.

Last year, Justin Bieber become embroiled in a paternity spat when 20-year-old Mariah Yeater claimed that the singer had fathered her baby. Bieber, however, dismissed her claims and said he was prepared to take a DNA test to prove that the child wasn’t his.