Justin Bieber ahead of Rebecca Black in ‘most hated YouTube video’ stakes

Bieber gets record number of 'dislikes' on video site

Justin Bieber‘s video for ‘Baby’ has been recognised as the most hated video on YouTube ever, according to the number of ‘dislike’ tags it has received on the site.

The track currently has over 1,150,000 dislikes along with four million comments discussing it on the site.

However, Bieber may not be top of the list for too much longer. Rebecca Black‘s ‘Friday’ is in second place – despite only having been online for six weeks.


Huffingtonpost.com also reports that several other Bieber songs, including ‘Never Say Never’, ‘Somebody To Love’ and ‘Never Let You Go’, are among the most hated YouTube videos.

Watch Bieber‘s video for ‘Baby’ by scrolling down and clicking below.