Justin Bieber and Diplo tease new Major Lazer collaboration

The pair previously teamed up on Bieber's hit 'Where Are Ü Now'

Justin Bieber and Diplo are set to team up once again after the pair hinted at an upcoming Major Lazer track that the pop singer will feature on.

Bieber previously teamed up with Diplo on ‘Where Are Ü Now’ from his latest album ‘Purpose’. In a series of tweets back and forth, the pair suggested that they have recorded another track together.

“When are we bringing this new music?” Bieber tweeted at Diplo on Monday (May 16) before the latter replied on Tuesday (May 17): “Let me just whip up this artwork quick because this song is [fire emoji]”.

Diplo also confirmed that it would be a Bieber collaboration with Major Lazer. “It’s happening,” Bieber later added.

No more details or release dates have been announced for the collaboration.

Meanwhile, Skrillex – who worked with Diplo as Jack Ü on ‘Where Are Ü Now’ – has defended working with Justin Bieber.

The producer had been criticised by Deadmau5 for his collaborations with the pop star, saying he was being “used as a goddamn tool”.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Skrillex responded to those comments. “If he was a real friend, he would come to me and be like, “Yo, you shouldn’t be working for Justin Bieber,” rather than blowing it up all over the Internet and going out of his way to make people feel wrong for making a choice in their life,” he said.

He continued: “And I would say to him, “I enjoy working with Justin Bieber!” I’m a fan of his voice. And if you’re a producer and you get an opportunity to work with someone who’s the biggest artist in the world – for better or for worse – what would you say? Would you say no?”