Justin Bieber almost appeared on Kanye West’s new album ‘The Life Of Pablo’

Singer delivered a freestyle that didn't make the final cut

Justin Bieber nearly appeared on Kanye West‘s new album ‘The Life Of Pablo’, according to one of the collaborators.

Fonzworth Bentley, best known for being P Diddy’s former butler, helped produce the album’s opening track ‘Ultralight Beam’.

Speaking to The Fader, Bentley said that Bieber helped shape an early incarnation of ‘Ultralight Beam’.

“I called Poo Bear, who’s from College Park and wrote a lot of Justin Bieber’s album. And he was with Justin at the time,” Bentley explained. “I’m from Atlanta, Poo Bear is from Atlanta – so Poo Bear comes up and catches the vibe.”

“Justin hops on the phone and is like, ‘Tell Yeezy whatever he needs I got it’. So Justin comes through and we vibed on that. And then Ye went right in. Ye was like, ‘Let’s all catch a freestyle’.”

“In his freestyle he said, ‘This is an ultralight beam’. He sings that and was singing the melody. Then Chance [The Rapper] catches the vibe. A lot of what ended up in his verse was from this freestyle – as far as his patterns and some of the words.”


“There weren’t that many words, more so vibes and patterns. Then Justin got on the mic and sang some a cappella. It was free flow. It was creativity.”

Bieber didn’t make the final eventual cut of ‘Ultralight Beam’, with Chance The Rapper, The-Dream, Kelly Price and Kirk Franklin all appearing on the track instead.

Justin Bieber recently spoke to NME about working with West, praising the rapper’s confidence in his abilities.

“Out of anyone in the industry who is creative, [Kanye] really gets me,” Bieber said. “His advice is always just, ‘Make music that’s so good people can’t hate on it.'”

Bieber added: “I didn’t wanna bore him or waste his time. So I was like, ‘Can I play you these songs?’ and he was like, ‘I wanna hear everything.’ To hear him say that, it just showed that he cared.”