Justin Bieber breaks The Beatles and Drake’s record of most songs in US charts at same time

Singer has 17 songs in the US charts at the same time, beating the previous record of 14

Justin Bieber has broken a US chart record previously held by both Drake and The Beatles.

The Canadian pop singer currently has 17 songs in the US Billboard Hot 100, following the release of his recent album ‘Purpose’.

The record was long held by The Beatles, who had 14 songs in the US chart at the same time during April 1964. It was later matched by Drake in March and October of this year.


Bieber has now broken the record, however, with three songs (‘Sorry’, ‘Love Yourself’, ‘What Do You Mean?’) all in the Top 10.


Meanwhile, Justin Bieber’s ‘Purpose’ was the most streamed album on Spotify last week with a record breaking 205m streams.

Bieber released the album on November 13 and Spotify data shows that the album was streamed 205m times globally with 77m of those in the US alone. This breaks both the US and global records for most streams of an album in its first week on sale.

The previous holder of this record was The Weeknd and his album ‘Beauty Behind The Madness’, which was streamed 90m times when it was released earlier this year.

‘Purpose’ was beaten to the top spot of the UK Albums Chart recently by One Direction. The boy band’s ‘Made In The AM’ sold 93,189 copies, while Bieber sold just over 90,000.