Kanye West’s advice to Justin Bieber: ‘Make music so good that people can’t hate on it’

Singer appears on the cover of the new, free NME this week

Justin Bieber speaks about working with Kanye West as part of his interview in this week’s NME.

The singer spoke to NME for the exclusive cover feature in this week’s magazine (available free in the UK now and digitally).

Bieber’s new album ‘Purpose’ is out this week, and the singer tells NME how West inspired him to reinvent his career.

“Out of anyone in the industry who is creative, he really gets me,” Bieber said of the rapper. “His advice is always just, ‘Make music that’s so good people can’t hate on it.'”


Bieber added: “I didn’t wanna bore him or waste his time. So I was like, ‘Can I play you these songs?’ and he was like, ‘I wanna hear everything.’ To hear him say that, it just showed that he cared.”

Bieber also stated that he worked with Kanye and Beastie Boys collaborator Rick Rubin on the album, who he says is “not really the producer, but kinda like one”, but ultimately decided the pair were an ill-fit.

“He brought in a band and there were some dope vibes, but it wasn’t the music I wanna make. So I said, ‘I love you, but no thanks.'”

NMEDean Chalkley/NME

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