Fans accuse Justin Bieber of miming during V Festival headline set

One fan wrote on Twitter that she was "gutted" the pop singer was allegedly not singing live

Fans have accused Justin Bieber of miming during his headline set at V Festival yesterday (August 20).

One fan wrote on Twitter that she was “gutted” the pop star was allegedly not singing live, while another simply branded him a “prick”. Some fans reacted badly to his apparent lip-syncing by booing during his performance.

However, other fans have pointed that Bieber cannot have mimed his entire set because some songs were given stripped down performances on which he played acoustic guitar.

In the days leading up to his headline sets, the organisers of V Festival had been forced to deny rumours that Bieber would not be appearing at the Essex and Staffordshire events after all.

Rumours suggesting the pop singer might pull out of V Festival began spreading after some fans reacted badly to his decision to delete his Instagram account earlier this week.

“The story that Justin Bieber is pulling out of V Festival is completely untrue,” a festival representative told the Essex Chronicle on Friday (August 19).

“Disgruntled fans started a rumour on Twitter, but it is complete nonsense. It is really annoying that it has come to the surface so close to the festival. We can guarantee that he is coming and it is going to be brilliant,” the representative added.