Justin Bieber creates hotline for his ‘Hotline Bling’ remix – listen

Currently the only way to listen to the clip direct is via the hotline on (231) 377-1113

Justin Bieber has created a remix of Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ that can only be heard by dialling a special hotline.

The song, which is currently at Number Three in the UK Chart, has also been covered by Erykah Badu and Mike Tyson.

Now the Canadian pop star has created his own version, which he teased via his Instagram and shared via Twitter. See those posts and listen to the track via the stream below:


In the image above on Twitter, Bieber holds a tennis racket, referencing the meme which started after Drake shared the video for his track.

The Toronto singer’s unusual dancing in the video spawned numerous edits which had him playing tennis and throwing Pokémon balls.

See those and others in the clip below: