Justin Bieber accused of faking illness so he could miss deposition

The singer's difficult week continues...

Justin Bieber has reportedly been accused of faking an illness so he could skip a legal deposition.

According to TMZ, the singer’s legal team told opposing counsel “just hours beforehand” that he was too “ill” to make the disposition.

However, opposing counsel are understood to have found video footage online of Bieber drinking and partying at an L.A. bar in the early hours of the day of the deposition. They are now reportedly petitioning the court to force Bieber to fly to Nashville, where they are based, for the rescheduled deposition.


The case against Bieber is being brought by a songwriter who claims Bieber used an uncleared sample of his work on his hit ‘Sorry’.

Meanwhile, Bieber is reportedly under police investigation after allegedly headbutting a man outside a pre-Grammys party in LA last week.

Bieber attracted further headlines on the day of the Grammys as he appeared to escalate his feud with The Weeknd during a live post on social media, where he appeared to mock the Toronto artist.

Bieber notably boycotted the actual Grammys ceremony last Sunday (February 12) after he joined the likes of Kanye West and Drake in missing the show due to issues over its ‘representation’.