Justin Bieber says Instagram is ‘for the devil’ as he considers rejoining social network

Singer concluded his 'Purpose' European tour in London last night (November 29)

Justin Bieber described Instagram as both “for the devil” and “hell” as he asked fans if he should rejoin the social network during the final show of his ‘Purpose’ European tour last night in London. Watch footage below.

Tuesday night (November 29) saw Bieber play London’s O2 Arena for the sixth time during this European live stint in support of last year’s career-reinventing album ‘Purpose’.

During the show, the singer asked the crowd, “Who thinks I should get my Instagram back?”, and attracted massive cheers from the audience.


“Nah, I don’t want to get my Instagram back,” Bieber then said. “Instagram is for the devil. I think hell is Instagram, I’m like 90% sure.”

Bieber continued to say that after his tour, he will spend his spare time taking photos that he won’t upload to the social network.




Elsewhere in the show, Bieber said that he was looking forward to “sleeping in my own bed” now that his tour has concluded until 2017. He later tweeted: “Thank you Europe”.

Bieber’s next live dates are in Mexico during February of next year. He will then tour Australia, New Zealand, South America and Europe again up until June.

Bieber has made headlines for his random public antics during his European tour. He has tried to disguise himself in Amsterdam with a fake goatee and wig and also surprised a group of London school children by joining in with their game of football. Meanwhile, he was also spotted in a Glasgow chip shop eating deep-fried haggis.

The singer has also repeatedly spoken about his overzealous fans in recent weeks. He told his “obnoxious” London crowd to “be quiet and listen when I’m talking” and ordered his Manchester audience to “shut up” during his ballads. A fan also attempted to pull his trousers down in Prague. Last week, he appeared to punch a fan who tried to touch him.

Watch Justin Bieber talk about writing his song ‘Sorry’ in the video below: