Justin Bieber fan arrested for trespassing at his Los Angeles home

She had visited the property three times in a week.

A Justin Bieber fan has been arrested at his Los Angeles home after visiting the property for the third time in the space of a week.

The unnamed woman, 40, was reportedly apprehended by the Los Angeles Police Department at the singer’s Beverly Hills home after she visited with the intention of going looking for him.

According to TMZ, Bieber’s security team detained the woman until police arrived and booked her for trespassing.

Bieber is believed to have been at home during the incident but he did not meet the woman.

The latest break-in attempt comes after fans were caught trespassing on two separate occasions previously.

In 2015, two fans were seen attempting to gain access as one celebrated her 12th birthday, filming their efforts on their mobile phones.

Only a year previously, a fan had gained access to his rented mansion in Atlanta, Georgia, and was found sleeping in one of the bedrooms within the home.

At the time of the incident, Bieber was on holiday with his father Jeremy.

More recently, Bieber risked the ire of his fans after unveiling an extensive new tattoo that covers the majority of his torso.

The pop star’s new ink was revealed on Instagram, with Bieber posting a video and photo of the new piece to his fans.

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The elaborate piece features a wide range of gothic imagery, including skeletons, gargoyles, arches and more,  but has received a decidedly mixed reaction from his fans.

One commenter wrote: “Please Justin thats too much. We love you so much but thats too much. I’m sorry…”

Another posted: “Justin, I love you so much. I know, that’s ur body but can we, your belieber, ask you to stop having tattoo? Thats too much. Love you”