Justin Bieber pokes fun at cultural stereotypes in ‘Racist Superman’ YouTube sketch

Bieber stars as Canadian Superman

Justin Bieber appears in a new YouTube sketch, titled ‘Racist Superman’. The skit pokes fun at various cultural stereotypes, with Bieber himself playing the role of Canadian Superman.

The sketch sees Bieber team up with YouTube comedian Rudy Mancuso, who opened for the singer on his ‘Purpose’ tour stop in Brazil. The clip also includes cameos from EDM producer Alesso and Vine star King Bach, among others.

Centring around the idea of there being several Supermans around the world from different racial backgrounds, the video features a Hispanic Superman (“SuperJuan”), a Black Superman, an Asian Superman, a Jewish Superman, a Middle Eastern Superman, a French Superman, a Swedish Superman, alongside Bieber’s Canadian Superman. They all eventually stage a Kryptonite drinking contest.

As Canadian Superman, Bieber’s character unnerves the others by being very nice, very apologetic and very into hockey. Watch below.

Last weekend, Justin Bieber took to Instagram to explain how religion “set me free from bondage and shame”, while reminding fans that “Easter is not about a bunny”.

“Jesus has changed my life,” Bieber wrote. “Easter is not about a bunny,” Bieber wrote, “it’s a reminder that my Jesus died on the cross for my sins and then rose from the dead defeating death! I believe this happened and it changes everything!”

The singer added: “I am set free from bondage and shame, I am a child of the most high God and he loves me exactly where I am, how I am, for who I am.”