Justin Bieber’s tour rider reportedly includes ‘yoga casket, jacuzzi and meals named after his songs’

Also allegedly asks for Haribo, purple carnations and a ping pong table

Justin Bieber‘s reported tour rider demands for his upcoming concert in India have gone viral online.

Bieber is set to play Mumbai on May 10, the first time the singer has performed in the country.

Ahead of his show, music journalist Arjun S Ravi claims to have received a press release outlining Bieber’s requests.


They allegedly include a “yoga casket” full of essential oils and incense, a jacuzzi, foods ranging from Haribo to “vegetables seasoned with ranch sauce” and purple carnations – but specifically not lilies.

“10 containers will be flown in with items like a ping pong table, PlayStation, IO HAWK, sofa set, washing machine, refrigerator, upholstery, wardrobe cupboard, massage table that will be used backstage,” the press release allegedly adds.

“Top culinary experts will supervise the gourmet being served to Bieber over the 4 days with 5 dishes per day being renamed after his popular song”.

See in full below. NME has approached the singer’s press representative for verification about the reports.

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It was recently reported that Bieber’s ‘Purpose’ world tour has grossed close to $200 millionBox office counts, reported by Billboard, claim more than 2.2 million tickets have been sold on 122 world tour stops. 

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In a recent stopover in Sydney, Australia, Bieber pleaded with his fans to “stop acting like animals” when they chased him from the Chargrill Charlie’s restaurant to his car. Photos show that Bieber needed a police escort to form a barrier while he dined, while other footage shows him telling the crowd: “The more you guys scream and act like animals, the less we can have a conversation.”

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