Justin Bieber’s underwear is on display at a museum

It's in the star's hometown of Stratford, Ontario

An exhibition dedicated to Justin Bieber has opened in the singer’s hometown of Stratford, Ontario – and it features a pair of his underwear.

Titled Steps to Stardom, the exhibit launched at the Stratford Perth Museum on Sunday (February 18) and runs until December 31.

It features various Bieber memorabilia on display, including stage outfits, running shoes, a personal letter from Michelle Obama and the aforementioned underwear.


“We’re very excited about this exhibit and helping to share a fascinating story about a hometown hero who’s gone on to remarkable achievements,” the museum say in a press release.

“We’re grateful to Justin and his family for supporting what we wanted to do and allowing us to share a piece of their lives with the world.”

“The quirkiest item we have is a pair of Ellen underwear, a take home gift after appearing on the [Ellen DeGeneres] show,” John Kastner, general manager of the Stratford Perth Museum, has told Billboard.

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Justin Bieber recently had a lawsuit dropped over alleged similarities between his hit song ‘Sorry’ and an earlier track released by an indie musician.


‘Sorry’ was released as a single in October 2015 and featured on Bieber’s acclaimed album ‘Purpose’. Indie-pop musician Casey Dienel, who previously recorded under the guise of White Hinterland, was suing the star, as well as others who worked on the track such as Skrillex, for allegedly lifting the main vocal riff from her 2014 song ‘Ring the Bell’.

Dienel claimed that Bieber’s track mimicked the “unique characteristics of the female vocal riff” from her song. She said she was forced to sue after approaching Bieber’s team with “an opportunity to have a private dialogue” and they subsequently refused.

Reports recently stated that Dienel filed paperwork to drop her lawsuit, although it is not known why.