Justin Timberlake writing for 80s legends

The star is also collaborating with the veterans

Duran Duran have confirmed Justin Timberlake’s involvement on their new album.

The pop veterans explained that they have also worked with producer Timbaland on three tracks on the record.

Speaking to the BBC, Simon Le Bon said: “We’ve got some good stuff happening. We’ve done three tracks with Timbaland. We’ve collaborated in a writing and production manner on one of those tracks with Justin Timberlake.”


The singer also revealed they have a host of other producers keen to work with them.

Le Bon added: “We’ve got a lot of really hot producers who are hotly interested in working with us at the moment. We are in a very good space.”

As previously reported by NME.COM, Duran Duran announced they were in talks with Timberlake in September regarding a possible collaboration.

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