Justin Timberlake’s new album to sound like The Rapture

Timbaland says next record will cowbell-tastic

Producer Timbaland has said that Justin Timberlake’s next album will sound like The Rapture.

The two worked together on Timberlake‘s 2006’s ’FutureSex/LoveSounds’ album, and Timbaland mentioned that, after initial conversations, they want the new material to sound like ’House Of Jealous Lovers’, The Rapture’s iconic single from 2002, reports the US edition of GQ.

The singer also comes onstage to the track during his current tour.

Timberlake has also teamed up with Timbaland on the producer’s new album ’Shock Value’, which is set to be released on March 26.

The album also feature contributions from Fall Out Boy, The Hives, MIA and Nelly Furtado.

The producer also hit the road with the singer for US dates, performing a mini-set during Timberlake‘s performance. He was also join his pal on UK dates in the spring.