Justin Timberlake hits out at ‘dickhead’ critics

Singer says he feels like someone 'took a shit' on his face when he reads a bad review

Justin Timberlake has addressed his critics, stating that he feels like someone “took a shit” on his face when he gets a bad review.

Speaking to GQ in a new interview for their ‘Men Of The Year’ issue, the actor, singer and businessman launched a tirade against his detractors saying that he found it “ironic” that he was doing an interview with a publication he thinks, “took a shit on my face” following bad reviews of his latest album ‘The 20-20 Experience: 2 Of 2’ and film, Runner Runner.

The £19 million budget film, which also stars Ben Affleck, made just £4.75 million on the US box office on its opening weekend at the beginning of October. When asked its commercial and critical failure, Timberlake replied: “(It) didn’t do well at the box office, so I should quit? Come on, man. You sound like a dickhead.”

He continued: “Where did all this vitriol come from? It’s mean. And I’m not cut out for it… It just shocked me because, like, you’re trade magazines. None of your opinions count. And by the way, none of you can do it.”

Justin Timberlake released ‘The 20-20 Experience: 2 Of 2’ in September this year. It was the follow up to the first instalment, which arrived in March.