Justin Timberlake set to be ‘creative force’ behind MySpace

Former N'Sync man is even set to have an office at MySpace headquarters

Justin Timberlake is set to be the “creative force” behind MySpace, according to its new owners.

Tim Vanderhook, CEO of Specific Media, which bought MySpace on Wednesday (June 29) for $35 million (£22 million), has said that Timberlake will play a major role as his company attempts to rescue the struggling social network.

Speaking to Billboard.biz, the CEO indicated that the company had approached Timberlake when they were contemplating bidding for the website and he was keen to be involved.

Vanderhook also said that the star would have a significant role to play as they look to redevelop the site. He said: “Justin is going to be the creative force behind MySpace and help us drive the strategy of what the tools need to be for artists and what the community should look like.”


He also said that Timberlake would have a hands on role within the organization, complete with an office and a staff of six, despite his acting and music commitments.

Asked what Timberlake‘s role would be at MySpace, Vanderhook replied: “Justin will have an office at the MySpace offices. He’ll have a staff of about a half dozen people working on his behalf executing his ideas. Of course he’s a busy guy with multiple careers, so when his time is open he’ll be there to do things himself.”