Justin Timberlake ‘in awe’ of Trent Reznor’s ‘Social Network’ soundtrack – video

Singer tells NME how much he loves Nine Inch Nails frontman's work

Justin Timberlake has admitted he is in “awe” of Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor after the Nine Inch Nails man soundtracked the singer’s latest movie The Social Network.

The singer hailed the goth rocker and composer Atticus Ross‘ work on the new David Fincher movie, which recounts the creation of of Facebook.

Watch a video of the singer speaking to NME about the movie on the right now.


“Every time they put something out for us to enjoy it changes what we think and how we listen to music,” he explained. “I often find myself to be in awe of them.”

He added: “I think what he [Reznor] does is beyond talent, it’s a gift. I don’t know what industrial god he has on speed dial but I found the music in this film to really drive the emotions. Aside from being so cool, almost sound designed for the film, it is still very emotional as well.”

Nine Inch Nails have uploaded a free album sampler to download on their official site Nin.com.