Justin Timberlake stalker given restraining order

Karen McNeil said she was set to 'marry' the singer

Justin Timberlake‘s stalker Karen McNeil has been made the subject of a restraining order, meaning that she must stay away from him and his Los Angeles home for three years.

Judge David Cunningham gave the ruling against McNeil after she broke into the star’s house last month and repeatedly trespassed on his property, reports BBC News.

The Los Angeles court heard how McNeil had turned up to Timberlake‘s house in a taxi with her belongings in it, saying that she was destined to “marry” the singer and “to rule” with him.


Ms McNeil‘s ever-increasing aggressive and harassing conduct are extremely distressing,” Timberlake, who was not in court for the hearing, said in a written declaration. “I fear for my personal safety, and that of my family and friends.”

McNeil made an outburst when the order was read out, prompting Cunningham to order a five-minute break. Later she told reporters outside that the facts heard at the hearing had been “lies”.