Justin Timberlake ‘could face jail’ after voting in Presidential election

Singer is a huge Hillary Clinton supporter

Justin Timberlake could face prosecution after posting a picture of himself voting in the forthcoming Presidential election.

He shared a picture of himself at the polls on Instagram yesterday (October 24) with the caption: “No excuses, my good people! There could be early voting in your town too. If not, November 8th! Choose to have a voice! If you don’t, then we can’t HEAR YOU! Get out and VOTE!”

However, his post could spell trouble because Tennessee law prohibits voters from taking photos or recording conversations while voting. Anyone who does could potentially face 30 days in jail and a fine.


Shelby County lawmakers are reportedly taking Timberlake’s oversight seriously with a source close to the District Attorney telling TMZ the case is “under review”.


The law was passed last year and if officials choose to punish Timberlake, he could potentially become the first person to be prosecuted.

Timberlake is a vocal supporter of Democrat Hillary Clinton, alongside the likes of Katy Perry, Robert Downey Jr and Robert De Niro.

De Niro recently shared his no-holds-barred thoughts on Donald Trump in an intense video message encouraging Americans to use their vote next month.

Speaking straight to camera, the Hollywood legend branded the highly controversial Republican presidential candidate “a punk”, “a dog”, “a bozo”, “a pig”, “a con”, “a mutt who doesn’t know what he’s talking about”, “a bullshit artist” and “an embarrassment to this country”.


“He’s an idiot. Colin Powell said it best: he’s a national disaster,” De Niro also said in the video. “He talks how he’d like to punch people in the face?… Well, I’d like to punch him in the face.”

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De Niro joined an ever-growing number of musicians and Hollywood actors who have condemned Trump as he battles Hillary Clinton for the US Presidency.

The White Stripes reunited publicly earlier this month to condemn the Republican presidential candidate, and recently sold “Icky Trump” T-shirts online in a further dig at the mogul’s campaign.

Meanwhile, U2 also mocked Trump during their US tour in a new mash-up video.