Justin Timberlake has written a new song for Joe Biden’s inauguration

Timberlake will perform 'Better Days' during 'Celebrating America', a TV special marking next week's presidential event

Justin Timberlake has announced that he’ll be among the artists who will be performing after Joe Biden‘s presidential inauguration next week, where he’ll debut a new song which has been specially written for the grand occasion.

Timberlake will debut ‘Better Days’ on the Celebrating America TV special after Biden officially becomes US President on January 20, with the singer claiming that his new track reflects “a better, more equal future”.

Sharing a clip of the track, which is a collaboration with Ant Clemons, Timberlake explained that he laid down the final vocals on election night (November 3) – which saw Biden emerging triumphant against Donald Trump.


“This past year brought a lot of frustration, grief, anger — and there were times when it was easy to feel powerless,” Timberlake wrote.

“This song was our way of doing what little we could to encourage everyone to stay hopeful… and keep working towards a better, more equal future. ⠀

“I’m very honoured to announce we will be performing this song on January 20th for the Presidential Inauguration. We have a long way to go to fix, undo, and rebuild this country… but I hope now, despite the past four years, we are on our way.”

The brief snippet, meanwhile, reveals the song to be a contemplative R&B effort, with Timberlake repeating the hopeful title throughout.

It comes as the FBI continues to warn of further armed protests by supporters of Donald Trump being held across the US in the days leading up to Biden‘s inauguration.


The warning has been issued following last week’s shocking scenes at the US Capitol in Washington D.C. when a mob of Trump supporters managed to force their way into the building while US lawmakers were certifying Biden’s victory.