Justin Timberlake might be heading for a nature theme on his new album

He's apparently trademarked some forest themed phrases

Justin Timberlake is thought to be heading for a nature theme on his new album.

TMZ report that the singer recently filed to trademark the phrases ‘Man Of The Woods’ and ‘Fresh Leaves’ for use in music and merchandise.

The website makes an “educated guess” that one phrase might be an album title whilst the other could represent a lead single.


Timberlake is set to headline the 52nd Super Bowl Halftime Show in early February, a gig that traditionally boosts album sales.


The booking was criticised by some who pointed to the artist’s performance in 2004, in which he accidentally ripped Janet Jackson’s top, exposing her nipples.

Jackson was asked to film an apology and was blacklisted by various media companies including Viacom.

The journalist Ernest Owens wrote on Twitter: “@jtimberlake still ensuring white privilege remains in style in 2017. Meanwhile, Janet Jackson is still left in the cold.”



Earlier this month, Timberlake addressed the men of Hollywood in a moving speech following the outpouring of sexual abuse and harassment claims made against top entertainment industry figures.

“I was raised by a strong woman,” Timberlake said. “I was lucky enough to convince a strong woman [Jessica Biel] to marry me, and she got nominated for a Critics’ Choice Award today. I will be her bitch anytime.”