Venue officials in Jackson, Tennessee can only stand it for ten minutes...

A performance from rapper JUVENILE was halted after just ten minutes after venue officials in JACKSON, TENNESSEE complained he was using too much profanity.

The star was confirmed to appear at the Carl Perkins Civic

Center in Jackson earlier in the week (July 17).


The show, which was attended by 500 fans, was pulled after venue official Mose Burton decided his performance wasn’t “clean” enough.

Speaking to www.billboard.com, Burton said: “We do not usually have rap. We haven’t had one in 11 years. I said I’d try it if it is clean. I told them I would pull the plug if it wasn’t. I take full responsibility.

“When I came in from the office, it got really nasty. I told the sound man to cut the music and we cleared the house. The show was over.”