The rapper and three other pals are booked for alleged possession of marijuana and cocaine...

Southern rapper JUVENILE was arrested on drug charges earlier this week in his home city of NEW ORLEANS.

The ‘Cash Money’ star, real name Terius Gray, was arrested was three other men when the rented car they were in was pulled over at a routine checkpoint on Wednesday (January 29). Police smelled, then noticed, two burning marijuana cigarettes in the car’s ashtray. The four occupants – Juvenile, driver Alvin Gus and fellow passengers Darrell Mitchell and Morris Pete – were arrested for marijuana possession, MTV reports.

A search of the car turned up a small quantity of cocaine in the boot. The four were then booked for cocaine possession. Gus and Pete were also arrested on unrelated, outstanding warrants.


Juvenile was released and his lawyer protested his client’s innocence.

“There were multiple parties in the car, the car was not owned by him and the bag (of cocaine) was not his. (Gray) is innocent of both charges,” he said.

In recent months, Juvenile has fallen foul of the law on a number of occasions.

Last September, he was accused of beating up and robbing a barber who he had alleged of making and selling a bootleg of his music. No court date has been set for that alleged attack.