K-pop girl group bugAboo pen letters to fans following sudden disbandment

The Ryan Jhun-led band made their official debut only a little over a year ago

K-pop rookie girl group bugAboo have written letters to fans addressing their disbandment, which A Team Entertainment announced yesterday.

Yesterday (December 8), the South Korean music label took to the band’s fan café page to announce that group activities for bugAboo have been halted and all members’ exclusive contracts with the agency terminated.

“bugAboo, who have worked hard since debut until now while receiving love from fans, will be halting group activities from today,” the statement read, as translated by Soompi. “The agency and the members decided to halt group activities and terminate all the members’ contracts after lengthy consideration and discussion.” However, A Team Entertainment did not share the circumstances or reasons behind the decision in its statement.


The members – Choyeon, Eunchae, Yoona, Rainie, Cyan and Zin – have since created or reactivated their personal Instagram accounts, where each of them wrote a heartfelt message to their fans following the news.

“Dear Rainboo [bugAboo’s fan base] and everyone who supports me, Choyeon here!
My heart aches because you must have been surprised by the sudden news,” wrote the group’s former leader in Korean and English. “It’s even sadder that the news we told you regarding the long hiatus was in fact the news of disbandment.”

Choyeon went on to thank bugAboo fans for their support, adding that “thanks to all of you, I learned how to love myself and gained the strength to overcome difficult moments.”

Taiwanese member Rainie, who had been a vocalist of the group shared similar sentiments, and went on to address her former bandmates. “From our time as trainees to our debut, we’ve now known each other for years. During this time, we’ve cried, laughed and been tired [together]. Thank you for your hard work, my members, and thank you for all the help you have given me,” she wrote in Korean and Mandarin.

“No matter where we are, we will always be six. Please don’t forget the memories shared between the six of us. Eunchae, Yoona, Chaeeun (known as Cyan), Choyeon and Hyunbin (Zin), I love you my members,” wrote Rainie.


bugAboo first made their official debut just a little over a year ago with an eponymous single album. The record included a title track of the same name alongside a B-side song titled ‘All Night Play’. Both tracks were both co-composed and -produced by K-pop producer Ryan Jhun, who is also the CEO of A Team Entertainment.

In an interview conducted days before their debut, bugAboo told NME about how they hoped to inspire others. “We want to become a good influence to lots of people,” said Cyan. “I want people around the world to realise they can become whatever they want regardless of where they’re from and what language they speak,” added Yoona. “I want to give them the courage to pursue their dreams and know that anything is possible if you work hard.”

The band later made their first-ever comeback in June this year with a follow-up single album ‘Pop’, headlined by a title track of the same name. That three-track record also included B-side ‘Easy Move’ as well as an instrumental version of ‘Pop’.

bugAboo were the first-ever girl group launched by Jhun, who has spent the past decades creating hits for several top K-pop groups such as TWICESHINee and Red Velvet. The girl group were originally set to debut in 2020 but ended up delaying their debut due to the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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