Kaiser Chiefs reveal Dave Grohl’s secret

The star praises his touring pal

Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson has revealed the band are having a great time on tour in Australia – because Dave Grohl gets them drunk as soon as they get offstage.

When the band have finished, Grohl administers a very special kind of medication.

Wilson told XFM: “It’s been so good, we went straight offstage and Dave gave us a load of Jägerbombs. You ever had a Jägerbomb before? It’s great. It’s a shot of Jägermeister (strong 70-proof (35%) liqueur flavored with herbs from Germany) and a shot of Red Bull. The poor man’s speedball, that’s what they call it.”

He added: “It’s always good to play with the Foo Fighters, but it’s hard work. Especially here where a big bunch of Australians have waited six months to see the Foo Fighters, and they have to put up with half an hour of Brit Pop revivalists. I’m only joking, they love it here.”

And the star has also been reflecting on an incredible year for the band after the success of debut LP ‘Employment’.

He admitted: “Everything past 1,000 records sold is a massive bonus to us. I’m not just being humble, seriously. Everything been amazing. From the first week of being in this band I’d done everything I’d wanted to do, which was be in a band.

“It has been amazing, I can’t wait till I can have some time off so I can get all bloated and start walking around and acting like a prick. I want to walk round Leeds with a huge gold-plated hat on…I am joking, y’know.”