Kaiser Chiefs Ricky Wilson: ‘Oasis have disappeared up their own arse’

Singer says his band are ready to replace legends

Kaiser ChiefsRicky Wilson has laid into Oasis declaring the Gallaghers‘ band have lost their touch, and that his group will replace them.

Speaking to The Sun, the singer declared the Manchester legends have lost the plot.

Oasis have disappeared up their own arse. They think they are Led Zeppelin. They’re not,” declared Wilson. “Music has moved on and I think we are the band that most music fans would see as their successor.”

Kaiser Chiefs singer added that his band have nearly finished recording their new album and it will top their previous two efforts.

“Our new album is shaping up. I reckon it’s our best stuff yet,” he explained. “I played it to our manager the other day, who has known us for over ten years, and a smile just spread across his face as soon as he heard it. He reckons that it’s the best material we have come up with.”

He added that they now had just a few more vocals to record with Mark Ronson who has co-produced the album with Eliot James.

“It isn’t finished but, in my mind, I know exactly where the vocals are going now and how it will sound,” explained Wilson. “Mark Ronson is producing the album. He turned down a lot of people to work with us — a lot of big names, who I won’t mention. When he does that to work with us, we must be doing something well.”