Producers to make iPod-friendly music mixes

'Poduction' remixes apparently sound better on earphones

British producers The Boilerhouse Boys have developed a ‘poduction’ remix technique which is designed to sound better on MP3 players like the iPod.

The producers developed the technique after studying the early beginnings of stereo, including the early work of The Beatles.

According to reports, digital music such as MP3, Windows Media and Apple AAC format contain only 10 per cent of the information from a quality CD recording.


‘Poduction’ works by giving a boost to the higher frequencies, copying Motown recording techniques.

Now even the likes of Kaiser Chiefs are set to release a ‘poduction’ remix, reports BBC News.

Explaining their method further, Ben Wolff, one half of The Boilerhouse Boys said: “All of those Motown singles were sent up to the technical department who would analyse it and send it back with recommendations on how to make it louder. They’d say ‘add another tambourine, put in some footsteps’, or whatever.

“I don’t think the average fan will necessarily be able to tell the difference”, Wolff added, “but you’ll know which one you like more, even if you don’t know why.”