Kaiser Chiefs on progress of new album: ‘We’ve made a mess and need an adult to help us out’

Writing is ‘going well’ on follow-up to chart-topping ‘Education, Education, Education And War’

Kaiser Chiefs have begun writing and demoing a new album, but admit they need to find a producer who can help shape the songs they’ve made.

The band are writing in Cornwall for the follow-up to 2013’s ‘Education, Education, Education And War’, which spent two weeks at No 1.

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After playing at Barclaycard Presents British Summer Time iLondon’s Hyde Park with The Who and Paul Weller on Friday night (June 25), singer Ricky Wilson told NME: “The writing is going well. Whatever the schedule is, we’re ahead of it. On the last album, we were quite nervous without (departed drummer) Nick (Hodgson). We didn’t know if we could go on the right track without him. We just did it from the heart and that went really well. But this time we’re enjoying it a lot more, not worrying so much.”

Bassist Simon Rix added: “Last time, we were out to prove anyone who doubted us wrong. We had a hunger, and we need to find a direction like that again. But we’re writing a lot and we need to work out what it could sound like overall. We’re talking to potential producers and we always like finding someone who can do something different from us.”

Wilson said: “We’re getting to the stage, which always happens with us, where we’ve made a mess and we need an adult to come and help us out. We’ve got a load of ideas, but someone needs to explain to us what’s coming out naturally, why it’s coming out and what we’re trying to say. We never think of what we want to sound like. We just go for it and make a noise.”

Wilson confirmed he has yet to be approached about appearing again as a mentor on BBC1’s The Voice, having appeared in the previous two series and coaching Scottish fireman Stevie McCrorie to victory in this year’s final.

Wilson said: “I haven’t heard from The Voice, as everyone is on holiday or at Glastonbury. I’ve got to get down to Glastonbury and knock a few heads together – I said that as a joke. But, no, I’ve heard nothing. I don’t know if I’d do it again, maybe.”

The singer explained that Kaiser Chiefs have taken a new approach to writing the new album, playing festival shows as well as writing.

Wilson said: “In the past, our cycle was really regimented, and we’re trying to break that up. But it’s harder than you think. This week, we’ve spent five days in Cornwall writing but now we’re doing this Hyde Park show and it’s really hard to switch. We’ve got into a routine, but breaking it is really good. Your break doesn’t have to be one long chunk every three years. It can be a day off here and there and it’s better for you.”