Kaiser Chiefs call for an end to Oasis feud

Ricky Wilson says he 'can't be bothered' with war of words

Kaiser ChiefsRicky Wilson has called for an end to the supposed feud between his band and Oasis.

In August Oasis’ Noel Gallagher compared Kaiser Chiefs to The Monkees.

Kaiser Chiefs’ Nick Hodgson responded by claiming that Oasis were simply seeking publicity by slagging off the Leeds band.


Singer Wilson has since called for an end to the slanging match. “It was quite exciting at first,” he told BBC Newsbeat, “but now I just can’t be bothered talking about it anymore.

“This is the band I grew up with. They’re one of the biggest bands in the world and one of my favourites.

“I read things that I supposedly said and it doesn’t even sound like my voice. It just frustrates me. I can’t go into an interview now without talking about it.”

The singer shifted attention to his band’s new album, ‘Off With Their Heads’, explaining how they enlisted Lily Allen to sing vocals on the album.

“We used her because we wanted a kind of Bananarama-style backing vocal and she had that kind of attitude we wanted,” he said.

Wilson added: “I’ve known her for nearly three years now and Mark‘s [Ronson, who co-produced the album] good friends with her. We were making a record and we had her number. So we thought why not?”