Kaiser Chiefs: ‘Mark Ronson made Sway rap happen’

Band explain how Half The Truth came together

Kaiser Chiefs have admitted that Sway‘s contribution to their new album would never have happened if it wasn’t for Mark Ronson.

The rapper came looking for the producer at the Leeds five-piece’s studio but ended up being roped in to lay down a rap for the track ‘Half The Truth’.

Drummer Nick Hodgson told BBC 6 Music: “We had a song we were working on and he came into the studio and I found out later that he came into the studio to find Mark Ronson.

“But he wasn’t there so he left disappointed. Then I got Eliot (James, producer) to ring him up and say, ‘What you doing? Come in and do something.’

“I was going do these backing vocals on the song, which were kind of shouty, a little bit like the Beastie Boys backing vocal and I said, ‘Since Sway is literally right there, why don’t we ask him to do it?'”

Kaiser Chiefs‘s third album ‘Off With Their Heads’, which features ‘Half The Truth’, is out on October 20.