Kaiser Chiefs say they’re not trying to replace Oasis

Bandmate sticks up for Ricky Wilson

Kaiser Chiefs have said that a story printed in the Sun about them is not entirely true.

As previously reported, Ricky Wilson was quoted by the paper saying that Oasis were out of touch and Kaiser Chiefs were ready to replace them.

However, speaking on the band’s blog, drummer Nick Hodgson has suggested the story is not correct.

Hodgson explained: “The way I see it is Ricky was out, started talking to some guy. He didn’t know he was a journalist (he didn’t have a voice recorder or a notepad – which explains why the quotes from Ricky didn’t sound like him at all).”

The drummer then added that Wilson may have said that Oasis have disappeared up their own asses, but he definitely didn’t say the Kaiser Chiefs were going to replace them.

“He [Wilson] said that Oasis had disappeared….., which is fair enough conversation material on a late-night boozy do,” wrote Hodgson. “But the rest sounds like a load of made up in the morning journalistic interpretation. All the stuff about music fans seeing us as Oasis‘ successors – and how Ricky thinks the vocals are really shaping up. Crazy talk. The vocals are awful, only joking, they’re lovely.”