Lily Allen sings on new Mark Ronson-produced Kaiser Chiefs album

Mark Ronson himself organised the hook-up

Lily Allen contributes vocals to a song on the forthcoming new Kaiser Chiefs‘ album.

Producer Mark Ronson is currently working on both Allen and the Kaiser Chiefs‘ own records, and had the idea of teaming up Allen‘s vocals with a Kaiser Chiefs track.

He said: “The other week I was struck with the brainwave, ‘Why don’t they do a track together?’ I had a word with them all and everyone was keen so it happened.”

Allen previously sang a cover of Kaiser Chiefs‘ song ‘Oh My God’ for Ronson‘s covers album ‘Version’.

Speaking to The Sun Ronson said of the new song: “It sounds awesome. Lily and Ricky Wilson‘s vocals really gel and the instrumentals are top drawer.”

Ronson then that he thought the track will go down a treat at festivals. “We’re all hoping it’s going to be a big one,” he said. “I’d definitely rock out to it at a festival. It’s a summer track, even if the weather is shit at the moment.”