Kaiser Chiefs are doing Noel Gallagher’s work for him

Ricky Wilson praises Oasis man for shrewd slagging

Kaiser Chiefs have praised OasisNoel Gallagher – for getting them to do all his work for him.

The band say after the Oasis leader attacked them on the radio recently all they’ve had to do is talk about the Manchester band, a shrewd move by the guitarist.

“He’s really clever because every interview I’ve done in the last week has mentioned Oasis,” Kaiser ChiefsRicky Wilson told Chris Moyles on BBC Radio 1. “So I’m answering questions about their new record and he ends up in everybody’s interviews. He is a publicity machine.”

Kaiser Chiefs are set to release their third album ‘Off With Their Heads’ on October 13, just a week after Oasis return with seventh album ‘Dig Out Your Soul’ on October 6.