Howling Bells to play at showcase for ex-Kaiser Chief Nick Hodgson’s label tonight (August 14)

A host of other acts on his new label will also perform at London show

Former Kaiser Chiefs drummer and songwriter Nick Hodgson is set to stage a special showcase for his new label in London tonight (August 14).

The event at The Garage in Islington will see a host of acts from his label label Birthday Records, including his own new band Albert Albert, Life and Climbing Boys. Howling Bells will headline the bash, as revealed on Twitter today.

You can hear the track ‘Get Outta Jail’ by Albert Albert below. To check the availability of Albert Albert tickets and get all the latest listings, head to NME.COM/tickets.

Hodgson quit the Kaiser Chiefs at the end of 2012 saying that he had simply always planned to get out by the time he was 35.

He now works full-time as a producer and songwriter at his Chewdio studios in east London for his label.

At the time he insisted that the split with Kaiser Chiefs had been amicable. Hodgson said: “I’d said a year ago that this was what I wanted to do, and that was it really. No-one was surprised, we’d talked about it for a year and everyone was happy. I feel good and I’d like to think they do to. It was obvious, really, because they know I love the studio and I love writing and I’m not mad about touring. I loved touring at some point, but I didn’t love it all the time and I didn’t love it as much as everyone else.”

But frontman, Ricky Wilson suggested otherwise earlier this year when he said he had finally “cleared the air” with his bandmate.