Kaiser Chiefs roadtest new material

Copenhagen gets six new songs

Kaiser Chiefs celebrated the end of their most recent run of European dates by playing six new songs from their forthcoming album in Copenhagen last night (November 23).

The set-list included three tracks revealed by the

band at the Carling Weekend: Reading and Leeds festivals earlier in the year, ‘Heat Dies Down’, ‘Angry Mob’ and ‘Everything Is Average Nowadays’ as well as ‘Ruby’, ‘Retirement’ and ‘Didn’t Expect Any of This’. All tracks are in the running to be included on the follow-up to 2005 debut ‘Employment’, which will feature 13 or 14 songs and is due for release in February next year.

Speaking with NME.COM after the show at Copenhagen’s Pumpehuset, drummer Nick Hodgson said playing the new tracks on tour had been “brilliant”.

He added: “I’m feeling excited – it’s been brilliant, getting songs out there for people to listen to. I’m justlooking forward to the new album coming out now, it’s going to be good. We’re excited and everyone around us are excited, and I think it’s going to be big… and exciting!”

Frontman Ricky Wilson also told NME.COM that the band are trying to keep details of their second record under wraps, refusing to name the album but revealing that one of the new tracks played would be the first single.

He admitted: “We’re being very cagey, aren’t we? It’s funny, because everyone thinks that in some way we’ve kind of (been told) not to tell people, but we just don’t want to!

“It’s not like the name of the album is some kind of amazing word that’s going to blow your head off. I just like the idea of – when the album comes out – having a little bit more impact than (information)

dribbling out over the next few months. We don’t want to build it up too much, but I also don’t want to have too much of a lead in.”

Hodgson added: “We’re not telling you – or anyone. We’re trying to be exciting and mysterious. It’s our little secret!”

The band finish their 2006 tour schedule with a handful of dates in Greece and France in early December.

The setlist ran:

‘Angry Mob’

‘Na Na Na Na Naa’

‘Born To Be A Dancer’

‘Heat Dies Down’


‘Saturday Night’

‘Everyday I Love You Less And Less’

‘Modern Way’

‘Everything Is Average Nowadays’

‘Caroline, Yes’

‘I Predict A Riot’


‘Didn’t Expect Any Of This’

‘Oh My God’