New Kaiser Chiefs release available now

It’s a ‘Record’ you won’t forget

A new book is being published charting the story of Kaiser Chiefs first album.

’A Record Of Employment’ tells the story of the band from early gigs supporting The Ordinary Boys, to opening the NME Tour and playing Live 8.

It features exclusive photos taken by the band, plus those from photographer Peter Hill, while NME‘s Imran Ahmed helped with the words.

In the book, singer Ricky Wilson talks about working on the follow up to ’Employment’.

“I don’t feel any pressure,” he says. “It will be the best Kaiser Chiefs record released yet! People talk about pressure, but there’s none at all. It’s fine. We’re happy.

“The second album will be ready when it’s ready and it will be better than the first one. We keep writing stuff, but we’re not worried because we’ve achieved so much.”

Kaiser Chiefs are set to play the Carling Reading and Leeds Festival between August 25-27.