Government Minister steps into ticket touting row

Touts selling for Radio 1 tickets for £200 come under fire

A governmnet minister has added his voice to the fight against online ticket touting.

Auction site Ebay has been asked to remove tickets for Radio 1’s next Big Weekend event at the request of Creative Industries Minister Shain Woodward, after tickets found their way onto the auction site for up to £400 a pair

Kaiser Chiefs, Razorlight and Scissor Sisters all play the shows on May 19-20.

Woodward told the BBC that to profiteer from the event was unacceptable: “This flies in the face of all the hard work that Radio 1 is putting into stamping out touts at the Big Weekend.

Ebay should stop selling tickets – the artists are not making money from this free event, so why should the touts?”

“Demand for this evet is outstripping supply by more than ten to one, and the BBC has decided that should get tickets on the basis of how lucky they are, not how much money they have.”

Ebay is investigating the matter. The government has recently been under inreasing pressure by music fans to introduce anti-touting laws similar to those in place at football matches,