Kaiser Chiefs and Foo Fighters form supergroup

The band debut in a pub

Kaiser Chiefs and Foo Fighters have formed a supergroup.

The band played their debut show in a pub during the Foos’ and Kaisers’ current tour of the US with Weezer, though singer Ricky Wilson missed the set because he went to bed.

“People say, ‘Dave Grohl, really nice guy,’ but he genuinely is the nicest guy I’ve met in a long time,” Wilson said. “The other night I’d gone to bed, but Nick (Hodgson – drummer) and Simon (Rix – bassist) were going to a pub across the road from the venue and it was after the Foo Fighters had played and you can imagine the pub near the venue is just full of people at the end of show, right? And Dave Grohl goes with them and just walks up and has a drink.”

He added: “And then apparently there were these two acoustic guitar guys and Dave did ‘Everlong’ with one of the guys, and it’s like the best moment of the guy’s life. And then Nick, Simon and Dave played ‘I Predict a Riot’ in this bar. Yeah, that was the wrong night to take an early night.”

Speaking to MTV News, Wilson also explained the story behind the video to the band’s next single ‘Modern Way’, which is set for release on November 7.

“(It’s) about this guy that I saw in Covent Garden in London and he just did this trick with a tennis ball and all it is is like balancing on his head,” he explained. “And I thought, wouldn’t it be great if he keeps doing it and he keeps getting better at it until he’s the best he can possibly be? And then he gets noticed and goes from the streets to playing at a cabaret club and then he gets on TV and then he gets his own show on TV and then at the end we’re playing on his show.”

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