Kaiser Chief injured in car accident

Ricky Wilson involved in hit and run incident

Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson has been injured following a hit and run car accident on May 21.

The singer was hit by a car while crossing a pedestrian crossing in Leeds city centre, though according to the band’s official website Kaiserchiefs.co.uk his stage-craft saved his life.

“He’s the luckiest man alive, because he is still alive, it sounds daft, but a ‘Ricky trademark jump’ has probably saved his life,” explained the site. “The jump meant he was flipped over the top of the car, hitting the windscreen, rather than getting trapped under it. He was crossing on a green pedestrian light.

“Whether it was a joyrider, wreckless driving or drunk driving we still don’t know. Police are investigating – we’d like to thank the witnesses that have come forward so far.”

Wilson has escaped with minor injuries, including a broken toe and bruising, but is ok and the incident will not affect any of the band’s upcoming live dates.

Indeed Wilson will be fit enough to be a special co-host with Jo Whiley on her Radio 1 show which will be broadcast from 10am on May 29.