Kaiser Chiefs aim to better The Beatles

The band get to work on new album

Kaiser Chiefs are set to begin work on their second album within a matter of weeks.

The band, who concluded a hectic year of touring in London on December 11, will now settle at their rehearsal space in Leeds and work on songs for the follow-up to ‘Employment’.

“It’s back into our little hole to write album number two,” explained singer Ricky Wilson, who added that with the biggest gigs of their career booked for in the spring – including two nights at his hometown’s Millennium Square – the band hope to have something to show fans next time they take to the stage.

“We’re going to get into the studio before the April gigs,” Ricky told NME.COM. “Basically ideas come first, then we’ve got to really start bashing them out, like you make a dint in a car. Imagine a song is a very dinted, buckled-up car, we’re got to start bashing it until it makes the shape of Renault Clio. In fact it’s like a Fiat Panda and we’re inside with mallets and we’re going to bash it out into the shape of a Lamborghini! That’s the way we’re going to write the album. At the moment we’ve got a Fiat Panda, but at the end of it we’ll have a Lamborghini.”

Currently the thinking among the group’s camp is that this high performance vehicle will be “heavier sounding” then their debut with the Kaisers’ more aggressive live sound influencing their approach, but Ricky suggests that the band have plenty of ideas and the record could go in several different ways.

“We’ve got lots of bits and bobs,” said the singer. “I’ve got a little black book full of my ideas, and earlier this year I brought Nick [Hodgson, drummer] one. I don’t know if he’s been using it, but I’m really looking for it to it. I’m not worried, I don’t feel any pressure. When we wrote the first one we didn’t start off making sweeping statements. I hate that when people say ‘it’s going to be ballsy and more electronic!’ there’s no point saying that because the songs dictate that and you shouldn’t push things in a way they don’t want to go. It’s going to be a Kaiser Chiefs record, and it will be the best Kaiser Chiefs record released!”

The band are currently in the process of deciding on a producer, and while the Kaisers themselves are keeping quiet, reportedly one of the world’s most in demand knob-twiddlers who works with esoteric indie bands to genuine rock legends, has an expressed an interest.

However with tentative plans to release the album in winter 2006, for the time being the Chiefs will be concentrating on writing songs – and the oft forgotten art of naming the record.

“It’s got to be good, because we’ve got to prove to ourselves we can do it. We want to make the best album since ‘Abbey Road’ [laughs] and we’ve got to think of a good name for it as well!” declared Ricky. “Naming albums is really difficult. We might get Nick’s girlfriend to name it again, she thought of ‘Employment’ – no one knows that.”