Band bemoan lack of female attention…

Although the Americans have embraced them, the Kaiser Chiefs have revealed they want to get to know their fanbase a little better.

After their album ‘Employment’ entered the Billboard chart at 86 – an impressive return for a debut – keyboardist Peanuts has bemoaned the band’s lack of female admirers Stateside.

“Girls come up to us and say, ‘We really liked your set,’ and then we just go home,” he told MTV News. “The tales of excess don’t really exist yet.”

Singer Ricky Wilson added that the band’s post-gig are generally groupie-free.

“Sometimes you might see the odd banner in the crowd that says, like, ‘Nice eyes!'” he said. “And when we get back downstairs after a gig in our dressing room, we’ll crack open a bottle of beer and talk about someone in the audience we saw and say, ‘Didn’t she have nice hair?’”

The band who are currently on their biggest ever UK tour, head back to the US at the end of next month before returning to play several British festivals including Glastonbury .

Additionally the band release new single ‘Everyday I Love You Less And Less’ on May 16.