Kaiser Chiefs play new songs at intimate London show

Ricky Wilson sings on top of the mixing desk, watched by contestants from 'The Voice'

Kaiser Chiefs previewed six songs from their new album ‘Education, Education, Education And War’ at London Scala on Thursday (February 13).

Following a gig at Manchester Gorilla two days previously (February 11), it was their second show since Ricky Wilson became a coach on the current series of BBC1 reality pop contest The Voice and part of the first tour since drummer Nick Hodgson quit the band. The gig was watched by The Voice host Emma Willis as well as a group of contestants from the current series, including some that Wilson is mentoring.

Kaiser Chiefs appeared full of energy as Wilson jumped into the crowd several times. Before second song ‘Never Miss A Beat’, Wilson said: “We’ve got a lot of songs to do, so let’s keep going.” He jumped into the crowd for the first time halfway through the track, singing the rest of it in the middle of the audience.

Before ‘Little Shocks’, the sole song played from 2011 album ‘The Future Is Medieval’, Wilson said: “About this time last year, we filmed an advert for Barclaycard here.” As the crowd began booing, Wilson continued: “Yes, but they gave us a stupid amount of money. We spent it all on the new album, and did it in style.”

Having played new single ‘Coming Home’, Wilson turned the microphone stand into the crowd, encouraging them to cheer several times.

Dedicating ‘You Can Have It All’ from debut album ‘Employment’ to “anyone who’s ever taken part in a television talent contest, including us”, Wilson again jumped into the crowd. He walked to the back of the venue before climbing on top of the mixing desk. Running around on top of the desk’s roof to perform the rest of the song, Wilson responded to the crowd’s chants of “Jump!” by saying: “What’s wrong with you all? You’re like some kind of angry mob,” leading into ‘Angry Mob’.

Wilson was back in the crowd for ‘I Predict A Riot’ and gave his microphone to a fan to sing a chorus of ‘Ruby’.

Having encouraged fans to sing along to several new songs, which were well received, Wilson announced before final new track ‘Cannons’ in the encore: “The least you can do is pretend you like it.”

The 75-minute set ended with debut single ‘Oh My God’, their traditional set closer. The band begin a tour of mainland Europe in Madrid tonight.

Kaiser Chiefs played:

‘Factory Gates’
‘Never Miss A Beat’
‘Everything Is Average Nowadays’
‘Every Day I Love You Less And Less’
‘Bows And Arrows’
‘Little Shocks’
‘Coming Home’
‘Modern Way’
‘You Can Have It All’
‘Angry Mob’
‘Ruffians On Parade’
‘I Predict A Riot’
‘Misery Company’
‘Oh My God’