Watch Kaiser Chiefs behind the scenes on their ‘Parachute’ video shoot

Ricky Wilson and his bandmates don swimwear and go diving in the clip

Kaiser Chiefs have debuted a behind-the-scenes montage from their ‘Parachute’ video shoot on NME.COM. Scroll down to watch it.

‘Parachute’, whose videos sees Ricky Wilson and his bandmates don swimwear and go diving, is the first single from the band’s forthcoming sixth album, ‘Stay Together’, which was announced last month (June). It’s the band’s follow-up to ‘Education, Education, Education & War’, which reached Number One in 2014.

The band have collaborated with MNEK on the new album, as well as with Brian Higgins, the pop songwriter-producer who is known for his work with Girls Aloud, Franz Ferdinand, Sugababes and Cher.

Frontman Wilson has said of the band’s new album: “When we finished writing the last record we realised that the most important thing to everyone is what’s going on in their lives. Their ‘personal politics’ and that’s what this album is about.”

“If ‘Education, Education, Education & War’ was our protest album, then ‘Stay Together’ is our relationship album,” he added. “Brian [Higgins] brought a very different approach to song writing and recording, it was a steep learning curve but together we tried out new ideas and sounds and ended up with a new and fresh sounding Kaiser Chiefs album. Like no Kaiser Chiefs record you have heard before.”