Kaiser Chiefs’ Nick Hodgson: ‘Guitar music is at an all-time low’

Drummer says few of their contemporaries 'have stood the test of time'

Kaiser ChiefsNick Hodgson has claimed that guitar music “is at an all-time low”.

In an interview with the Birmingham Mail, the drummer said that indie music had experienced a dip in popularity since the band released their debut album, ‘Employment’, in 2005.

Hodgson said:

It’s a strange time to be in a band. We all know guitar music is at an all-time low.


He went on to cite the lack of festival spots for guitar groups as evidence for the wane in interest, adding: “You look at the line-up at V Festival and there were only four or five bands. Very few bands which started when we di have stood the test of time.”

In October, Kaiser Chiefs singer Ricky Wilson had also admitted he was worried for the future of guitar bands. “Necessity is the mother of invention and there will always be music,” he said. “Whether it will be a viable career for five guys with guitars I’m not sure at the moment but you know, they’ll be there in a garage somewhere.”

Kaiser Chiefs released their fourth album ‘The Future Is Medieval’ earlier this year, for which they wrote 25 songs and allowed fans to choose their own tracklisting.. The band are also set to release a new single that did not appear on the album called ‘On The Run’ in January, which reportedly takes aim at “rude, cruel people” who use Twitter.

To watch an NME video interview with Kaiser Chiefs, where they explain the concept of ‘The Future Is Medieval’, scroll down and click below.