Tony Visconti refutes Kaiser Chiefs’ claims that they rejected David Bowie’s lyrics

Producer says idea of Bowie writing words for the Kaisers is 'absurd'

Producer Tony Visconti has refuted claims by Kaiser Chiefs‘ drummer Nick Hodgson that the band rejected lyrics written by David Bowie for their new fan-compiled album ‘The Future Is Medieval’.

The drummer had told the News Of The World yesterday (June 5) that they contacted Bowie through Visconti and had asked him for some help with lyrics.

Hodgson said: “Tony texted David asking for his suggestions to finish off a verse [on ‘Man On Mars’] and he came up with a couple of lines. I’m such a big Bowie fan I can’t believe I’m saying this, but they just weren’t right, so I’ve missed out on a Hodgson/Bowie writing credit. Gutted!”

Visconti has now denied this though, telling NME this morning (June 6): “I have never asked David Bowie to write lyrics for the Kaiser Chiefs. I was hired for the production job because of Nick‘s obsession with Bowie and T. Rex, and I freely shared some of my production secrets with them, but that did not include getting Bowie to write lyrics for them. That is absurd.”

Fans are able to download ‘The Future Is Medieval for £7.50 and then choose their favourite ten tracks from the selection of 20 on offer on

They can share their version of the record with other people once it has been created, and earn £1 each time it is purchased by someone else.