Kaiser Chiefs: ‘No-one knows our new album is out’

Band admit choose your own LP campaign backfired

Kaiser Chiefs have admitted their recent choose your own album campaign has backfired because fans still don’t know it’s even out.

The Leeds band said sales of their fourth record ‘The Future Is Medieval’ have struggled after they allowed fans to pick their favourite 10 songs from a choice of 20 via their official website kaiserchiefs.com.

They later unveiled their own definitive version of the record, which got a physical and digital release on June 27.


But bassist Simon Rix told the Daily Star:

The publicity around the ‘choose your own version’ overshadowed the CD so much that still no-one knows it’s out.

Frontman Ricky Wilson also said he would have preferred the physical release to have come out after the festival season.

“Our record label wanted to release the CD in time for festival season so that everyone knew the new songs. I can see that logic, but I’d have waited to release the CD until now, once everyone got their heads around the digital release,” he added.

But he said he was happy with their new record. “We wouldn’t change a thing about the album,” he added. “The variety in the songs and the idea of how we released them changed a lot of people’s perceptions towards the band.”