Ricky Wilson on Kaiser Chiefs’ new album and single: “I’m a puppy again”

"I'm a puppy again. I'm getting my second wind"

Kaiser Chiefs‘ Ricky Wilson has revealed that the band’s new album ‘Duck’ was inspired by getting a new lease of life from going back to their roots.

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Wilson was speaking to NME on the red carpet of the Ivors 2019, just after the band had shared new single ‘Record Collection’ and announced details of their seventh album. Describing the sound, Wilson said that it was “undeniably Kaiser Chiefs“. 


“I went and listened to the first few [Kaiser Chiefs albums] again,” Wilson told NME. “I listened to a lot of the stuff we were listening to when we made those albums, like some old Motown and stuff. The truth of the matter is that it’s just five of us in a room and we make the music that we make.

“We never really try and crowbar in anything else, apart from the way that we’re thinking in those 12 months. Well, it’s usually 12 months but this one took 18. God, it was hard. It nearly killed us, but we’re on a major label now – which is good. It means I don’t have to get the tube everywhere.”

Wilson continued: “I’m trying to look forward to things I used to dread. In the beginning, I was just dancing around like a puppy thinking ‘This is fine’, then you get jaded. Now I’m a puppy again. I’m getting my second wind.”

A wise puppy?

“I’m never wise. Still dopey.”


As for the lyrical inspiration of the album, Wilson said that he felt freed by the ability to be as open as possible with no shame.

“It’s about the truth, mainly,” Wilson told NME. “The older you get, the less you’re frightened about showing yourself. The first album, we didn’t know if anyone was going to listen to it so it’s quite honest. Then you start thinking about the fact that it’s going to get reviewed when you make a second, third and fourth record.

“This is our seventh or eighth and we just don’t really care anymore. I don’t mean the music, but what people say. But then we do, it’s like giving birth. You can’t stop it. Well, it’s not as painful as giving birth – and there’s certainly less blood.”

Kaiser Chiefs release ‘Duck’ on July 26, after they headline Elland Road Stadium on June 8.