Kaiser Chiefs warn fans not to accept Facebook friend requests from Ricky Wilson

The band's frontman has been the subject of a scam on the social media site

Kaiser Chiefs have warned fans not to accept a Facebook friend request from frontman Ricky Wilson.

The Leeds band formed in 2000 and have released six studio albums to date, including 2016’s ‘Stay Together‘.

In a post on the group’s official Twitter account, the band warned fans of a scam targeting the frontman. “If you’ve received a Facebook friend request from “Ricky Wilson”, please be aware that this is a scam,” they wrote. “It’s not @Rickontour, he doesn’t have a private profile.


“Delete the request or, if you’ve already accepted it, unfriend the profile. We’re also working on resolving the issue.”

They added: “All out official channels are verified, so make sure to check there’s a blue tick.”

Meanwhile, Wilson promised earlier this year the band would be making another album. Speaking to NME at the VO5 NME Awards 2018 in February, he said: “The cards are looking up. We’re writing, we’re always writing. We’re touring, we’re always touring. We’re signing a new deal. We’re making another record. When it comes out, we’ll do the rounds saying that it’s the best one ever – like we always do.”

The frontman added that the band have no plans in terms of how the record will sound after their “pop-friendly” last album ‘Stay Together’. “We’ll see where the writing goes,” he said. “We don’t go in with an agenda, we don’t come out with one. They just keep letting us do it, so we do it.”


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